Cibou Universal USB Splitter 7 Interface USB Hub Converter 7Ports USB2.0 Smart Charger Charging Transfer Data Black


Smart charger, USB splitter machine: Black USB port: only charging port, you can not transfer data White USB port: data transfer interface, can not be directly charged This one is with black color, if you want blue color, contact me directly! Rotatable USB interface, with power connector, can take an external power supply, the use of more flexible. Lightweight and portable, super-compatible speed transmission, plug and play. 7 usb device supports both read write. When connecting the power hard disk (1.5TB above), only an external 5V / 2A power adapter to easily connect, support for simultaneous multi-port power expansion. (Power Interface Specifications: DC: 3.5 * 1.35) Unique anti-over current, over voltage, leakage, short circuit protection design, such as multiple clutter, equipment operation more secure. ABS green shell, durable. 7 USB interface, adjustable, saving desk space.


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